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Qualitative Biography of ParsAfshan ( Behsan) by Arlux trade name:
ParsAfshan ( Behsan) quality control unit using laboratory equipment ant different laboratories and experienced personnel always tries to improve the quality of it’s products and conform them with existing standards for produce high quality products and maintain superior quality level since it’s establishments.
The reason of this claim is getting first quality approval from National Gas Company in the country (following letter No pf/kh,f/ 2188 dated 1981/10/15 ) and being the first manufacturer and recipient of standard license for use of gas heater in Khorasan. Other honors include following cases which each of them is a Gold certificate and great honor of quality product promotion.
1. Obtaining 3 licenses for use of standard mark about 23 types of cryogenic and thermal products including: types of heaters, water heater and water cooler, No. 79551-79552-79553.
2. Obtaining Iso 9001, 2000 license from German URS Company in 2005.
3. Obtaining Appreciation letter about quality production unit of 2002.
4. Obtain Grade D for gas heater product ( Fireplace design).
5. Obtain Appreciation letter of superior Quality Management in 2001.
In conclusion, the CEO will always tries to gain highest honors in field of home appliances by applying continuous quality policy and relying on the experiences of quality experts and full support of all personnel and utilize the latest scientific achievements and we hope to be proud and victorious in this way.

Introducing our team

 Ali Zohori

Ali Zohori CEO and Chairman of the Board

 Mohammad Zohori

Mohammad Zohori Vice Chairman of the Board

 Seyed Reza Kazemi

Seyed Reza Kazemi Finance and Business Manager

 Massoud Zohori

Massoud Zohori Member of the Board